Bolling Plastic Surgery Provides Low Pricing

At Bolling Plastic Surgery we take great pride in not only the quality of our work but the fact that we can provide affordable options as well. Often the first thought that comes into someones mind when they think of low cost surgery is that it has to be inferior or even dangerous when compared to other plastic surgery clinics. At Bolling Plastic Surgery, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, you can see just how acclaimed Dr. Bolling’s work is by viewing his perfect scores on the major independent review sites and Healthgrades.

So How is Bolling Plastic Surgery able to Provide Such Low Pricing to Their Patients?

The simple truth is that our clinic is located in the rural town of Fayette, Alabama. While this isn’t very far from the major cities Tuscaloosa and Birmingham (actually the majority of our patients come from these two cities), it allows us to forgo a ton of expenses that come with practicing in a large city. Fact is, the cost to do business is just less in a small town. For Example: Our total cost for saline breast augmentation is $3200 which includes everything including the post-op examination. Also, we never charge hidden fees tacked on the end of your procedure. Unfortunately this is often the case, you agree to a price during your consultation only to find additional fees and post operation costs that you never agreed on before surgery tacked on to the end of your bill. At Bolling Plastic Surgery you are given a price during your consultation and that price remains the same right on through your surgery and eventual post-op examination.

At Bolling Plastic Surgery, we encourage that, in addition to your consultation with us, that you meet with other doctors so you can make the most informed decision possible. However, make sure to ask them about ALL the fees that will be associated with your procedure. We are extremely confident that after doing the necessary research, you will choose to have your procedure done with our clinic.

We look forward to seeing you soon, please feel free to contact us anytime to set up a consultation with Dr. Robert Bolling, MD.

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